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The Forgotten Princess - There were tracts of woodlands that were deep and mystifying. Between them snaked stone—the spines of gods asunder jutting out from the Earth. Ancient to the dragons as the dragons were to humans....Low fantasy short story about a knight princess who has to fend for herself. Commentary on the ephemerality of existence.

Wassers die und Venusfliegenfallen Further Mechanics - Further Mechanics ​ serves to bridge that gap, providing in excruciating detail the improved and unabridged foundations of ​Wassers....Game mechanics manual to fantasy homebrew roleplaying game "Wassers die und Venusfliegenfallen". Includes explanation and metacommentary on economy, character creation, combat, levelling, and magic mechanics.

Anti-Essentialist Concepts of Art in NieR: Automata - The conceptualisation of “art” is free of language, but it is rather normative of human cultures regardless, and perhaps also machines, if they are readily self-conscious, self-sustaining, and provided they emerge as a society....Analysis of anti-essentialism in aesthetic theory through JRPG NieR: Automata

Eight Identical Paintings and Aesthetic Functionalism - Aesthetic theory serves to immerse the viewer in the immediate experience. This type of reception evaluates art based on a passive and receptive role instead of an active role in interpreting art....Using functionalism in aesthetic theory to evaluate eight identical paintings.

Effects of Earthquakes on Nuclear Power Plants - Paper regarding siesmic design and hazard analysis in nuclear energy

Machine and Consciousness - Paper analysing artificial intelligence and conscious experience through Turing and Searle's papers

Tull - Short story about Minecraft

The Electric City - Short story about a town controlled by massive computers that put its inhabitants to sleep through a strange hum. One night the narrator is unaffected by the hum, and the secrets slowly unfold

Two Birds In The Earthset - Short story about two astronauts witnessing the death of Earth

Fallout Hippocrates - A selective archive of a particular Instagram account’s captions and the responses it generated.


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